Your detailed guide to betting styles in college football competition

It is true that the NFL has the biggest portion of betting cake in the US. But the public sees a lot of promise in the world of college football. In fact, the college sport is making its way to the betting scene in a sure-footed style. You can make the most of betting on college football using the help of reliable Wunderdog College Football Picks.

How to make money on college football games?

Well, you can start by placing your wagers on teams. But, the thing is that you can have different options in this matter. For instance, you can find 3 popular ways for wagering. You can pick moneyline bets, the spread wagers or the total betting.

Difference between wagering types

When you place a bet in college football, you can win through one or more of the following steps. You can select the money line or the points spread. Also, there is point spread betting, which is the most popular type of wagers in the football world.

What is Moneyline?

Moneyline is the oldest and most famous style of sports betting. All it takes is picking a team and betting on it as the winner. You can bet on the team with the better winning chances and stronger abilities. In this case you will be betting on the favorite. You can also put your money on the weaker team that has lower winning chances. In this case, you are betting on the underdog.

Betting on the favorite is pretty common and can be profitable, but betting on the underdog is way more profitable. But keep in mind that the risk factor in this case is a lot higher.

The truth about total wagering in college football

This type of betting is more about the count of points in the match. So, you are not picking a winner and keeping your fingers crossed. You are predicting the points that both teams are going to score throughout the match. Betting the totals is divided into betting the under and the over. Betting the under is when you are betting on a score less than the one picked by the oddsmakers. You will be betting the over if you are betting on a score higher than the one picked by the oddsmakers.

Here is an example to help you understand:

If there is a game between teams A and B, the oddsmakers would predict total points of 50. Betting the under is when you bet your money on total points less than 50. Betting the over is when you place your wager on more than 50 points.

The point spread wager

It is a very favorable betting choice by the majority of college football fans and bettors. It revolves around predicting the number of points a team scores or gets defeated by. So, you win when your team wins or loses by a specific number of points.

If you are betting on the favorite, then it needs to not only win the game but also achieve a certain number of points. If you are going for the underdog, you will win when it is a winner without specific points. But you can win too in case the underdog loses by less than the specific number of points. If you are excited about this betting style, you can find out more about it using Wunderdog College Football Picks