Why Is Cricket Such A Widely Popular Sport In India?

In India, cricket is the most popular sport, and some consider it to be more of a religion than a sport. When a big cricket match is on, everyone seems to stop what they are doing and concentrate only on the match and the cricket score.

On the streets, you’ll also witness a lot of kids playing gully cricket. It’s just something that brings Indians together like nothing else on the planet. These days due to technological shifts, the kids use their phones for cricket live scores. There are many reasons why Indians love and enjoy cricket, and the following are just a few of them:


Cricket is, by its very nature, a simple sport. The game requires at least two players, a bat, and a ball. It doesn’t even necessitate a large area. Kids and adults play in the busiest of streets, and as a result, most people are unable to see it. They can completely immerse themselves in it. There is a live cricket scoreboard that gives more simple insight into the game.


Apart from the fact that cricket can take place practically anywhere, India provides several cricket coaching centres where children and adults can train. In India, almost every state and region has at least one large cricket stadium.

It is in stark contrast to how other sports in India are faring. In India, there are just a handful of FIFA-certified stadiums and astroturfs. The cricket infrastructure in place in India works to promote and expand the sport’s popularity in the country.

Physical characteristics of Indians

Football, hockey, basketball, and tennis all demand great physical strength, height, and fitness. All of which are lacking in most Indians. That’s just how heredity works in this nation, which is why most sports can be tough to play.

Indians have the strength, physical fitness, and other characteristics that enable them to compete in cricket.


Cricketers in India are genuinely given money for their performance. They live a more affluent lifestyle and can purchase many things that other sports athletes cannot. It is why most people who are thinking about making a career out of a sport choose cricket.

Cricket legends

Many Indians look up to world-class cricketers for inspiration. India has produced a slew of world-class cricket players who do not deserve to be ignored. It is only one of the numerous reasons why so many Indians aspire to play cricket professionally. These athletes motivate them, and they desire to compete outside of the country.

Famous Indian cricketers

When it comes to cricketers, here are a few who have made it big in the sport. Many Indian cricket fans are sure to have something positive to say about them. Sachin Tendulkar is the God of Cricket. He may be the most well-known Indian cricketer in the world.

These days due to the cricket score app, you can stay connected to the game from anywhere and no doubt the craze will keep on persisting.