Reasons behind the Popularity of the Premiere League

The Premiere League is something we wait for every year with eagerness and excitement. Fans all over the world just wait to watch their real-life heroes in action. We have scrutinizing vision after the decision made by the teams and players. While some fans just follow their player, other stick to a team no matter what happens. It’s a bunch of emotions that all around this league. Though it consists of English teams, the presence of the best from all over the world make people passionately wait for the matches. While a definite logic behind the popularity of this league is the players and their skill, the whole thing is not that easy to state. There are too many things that work behind making this league popular. While you can just follow the premier league match result (ผลการแข่งขันพรีเมียร์ลีก, term in thai), here is a close look at the reasons that make this league one of the most popular and powerful league in the planet.

Worldwide fans and followers

Premiere League is something which is watched by the people belonging to different countries. The fan base that it has in this world is the base of its power and popularity. As it comes to following, it has a greater fan base than any of the soccer league in the world. An EPL matched is watched by 12 million people on average. This number is way ahead of any other league having an average of 2-4 million. In fact, this English Premiere League has only 16.1% of its audience from United Kingdom itself. It is actually the Asia and Oceania where the most fans are based as this zone house 32.5% of all fans. While Europe has only 19.5 % od audience, it gets beaten by Middle East and Africa with 22.6% on average.

Financial Strength

Monetary strength is one of those things which everyone strives for and the Premiere League Happens to be the financially strongest league. It has always maintained a financial status which is decent. It also falls within the list of highest paying leagues in the world. While the predecessor of EPL, the Football League First Division was much behind other leagues, the scene changed with a few masterstrokes. The 2013/14 season changed the game with cost control and improved television revenue which helped it earn more than £78 million in profits. This is where EPL left all other leagues behind. In the 2017/18 season the Premiere League managed to earn the highest revenue of all football leagues in the world, around $ 6.2 billion. The league itself houses some of the richest clubs.

Language matters

The language itself is one of the major reasons for this league being among the most popular ones. With over 1.12 billion English speakers around the globe, the language connects well with fans. It is not only spoken it the countries like UK, USA and New Zealand and Australia, it is also spoken in the countries with their colonial past related to British Empire.