An Online Sports Venue Booking Platform And Its Features

A sports community app connects us to whatever it takes to get our game on, meet other players, discover venues, manage playgroups, find suitable trainers, get expert advice, buy gear, or register for events nearby. We can enjoy sports with friends, on some of the activities like cricket, football, hockey, badminton, swimming, volleyball, tennis, basketball, rugby, kabaddi, adventure sports, etc.

Why Should We Join An Online Sports Booking Platform?

  1. We can discover playgrounds close to our house or workplace to book sports venues.
  2. It helps us book the best turf or grounds at more than eighty sports grounds in different cities of India.
  3. We can play different sports and compare prices from local sports grounds via the digital sports India platform.
  4. It allows you to search for sports near me and also helps to manage your upcoming bookings.
  5. We can experience hassle-free booking and secure in-app payment through multiple payment options, including net banking, IMPS, UPI, mobile wallet, etc.
  6. Users also enjoy complimentary offers and discounts through a virtual sports application.

Key Features Of A Sports Booking App:

  1. Play With Different Players:
  • We can meet players and groups in our neighborhood based on our skills, sporting interests, and timing preferences.
  • It helps host a pick-up match and challenge friends, players, and teams.
  • A sports booking app allows us to control who we play with to ensure our safety and privacy.
  • We can create our team, invite sports friends, and share our games with them through the online platform.
  • It mainly enables RSVP to track who is coming and helps track our games by increasing our ratings for our sporting skills.
  • We stay updated with real-time alerts and notifications and host private activities to manage RSVP count.
  1. Learn From Experts:
  • It allows us to discover sports-based fitness programs for adults and provides expert skills as it is helpful both virtually and offline to improve our game.
  • Sports experts’ high-quality recorded sessions are available on the app, especially for the online sports community.
  • Some excellent contents, self-help resources, and well-researched articles are available on the virtual platform to help us increase our sports knowledge.
  1. Explore Venues:
  • It helps to book sports, fitness, and activity venues nearby by paying only a tiny advance.
  • We usually get an option to book hourly, buy a session or daily passes and subscribe to membership packages.
  • It allows us to view amenities, pricing, reviews, and ratings and gives exciting discounts and exclusive benefits at our favorite club.
  • Users can explore different excellent weekend activities, including treks, marathons, and other local events around us.
  1. Set An Excellent Profile:
  • It helps track our growth or consistency in selected activities and gives loyal points to select clubs for bookings.
  • We can gain reward points for our app activities and redeem them against bookings and exciting offers.
  • Moreover, it lets us see where we stand amongst other players with leaderboards.

At present, we can get a better booking experience because the online booking platform allows us to see available slots in different properties in the same booking flow. In addition, excellent customer support and cancellation features are now available on the app.