An Angler’s Guide To Catching Florida Kingfish

The kingfish is a well-named fish.

Kingfish belong to the mackerel family. Kingfish are migrating and schooling fish. They can be found along the coast of Florida in winter, before moving on to northern waters in spring and summer. Kingfish like warmer temperatures, usually between 68 and 84 degrees. Kingfish are fond of eating shrimp, sardines and ribbon fish.

Although they are typically between 5 and 30 pounds in weight, the Florida record for Kingfish is 90 pounds. The kingfish’s mouthful of efficient, sharp teeth is one of its most striking features. To successfully bring large fish to the boatside, anglers should use mono or heavier wire.

King mackerel are highly sought after as game fish. They are admired for their leaps, spins, and explosive runs. Kingfish are voracious feeders. They will eat any baitfish, live or dead, as well as spoons, large fish plugs, jigs, and spools.

Kingfish can be found inshore or offshore and often are caught off the beach or pier. Kingfish are known to lurk along wrecks and ridges, looking for smaller fish schools. Anglers often encounter kingfish in groups and are able to hook up with them multiple times.

Kingfish weighing over 20 pounds are often called “smokers”, while those weighing between five and eight pounds and less are known as “snakes.”

Kings are prized for their dark, oily, firm meat. However, they are mostly fished commercially using nets. Sport fishermen primarily target them by trolling or using live bait techniques.

Kingfish can be prepared in a variety of ways. They can be fried, broiled, baked, or smoked. Kingfish are delicious to eat but pregnant women and children should avoid eating them due to their high mercury content.

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