8 great reasons to take students on expedition tours

There are many forms of education and how to learn. Some can be carried out academically in the classroom or by vocational learning which some prefer. An undeniable fact is that more knowledge is taken in and acquired if the student is having fun and is kept interested.

One great way to learn and develop is through undertaking an expedition. This is an increasingly popular method being undertaken by schools to offer their students a fantastic way to help grow and mature in the company of their friends and peers.

Here are 8 great reasons for a school to consider organising an expedition tour.

  1. Heading on an expedition is exhilarating and allows the development of life skills that are valuable building blocks for your future. Decision making, leadership, teamwork, and resilience are all fantastic tools to learn.
  2. Taking a tour overseas adds value to an expedition with cultural sensitivity another skill when learning about how people in other countries live and to appreciate some of the comforts of home as the students learn empathy and to understand others.
  3. Using a company with decades of experience ensures that a tour will be well organised and led by professionals along with school staff. Students will return as better individuals with confidence in their own abilities after being mentored in making decisions.
  4. The best companies provide local style accommodation and community engagement to get a real feel for the destination along with many activities, so that students learn to think on their feet.
  5. Travelling in a group outside the normal comfort zone will teach about how to build relationships, and to develop skills which are valuable in later life, while having fun at the same time.
  6. Student tours UK are another option for those schools struggling to fund an overseas trip. The same principles apply with similar skills adopted.
  7. It is a great way to make friend and build relationships, both in the communities that you will encounter and among fellow tourists. Learning how to deal with problems together and communicate are wonderful skills to acquire.
  8. An expedition tour will offer challenges, be it having to negotiate barren landscapes or having to go food shopping on a budget without the usual home comforts.

An expedition tour is a wonderful form of education to develop life skills for a person to find the best version of themselves.