5 Ways To Win  Cash with  Fantasy Cricket

We seek financial freedom so that we can live our dreams and pursue our passions. What if our hobbies can earn us financial freedom? In this digital age, anything is possible. There are a lot of people who pursue gaming as their profession. What’s so wonderful about it? The fact that skills we attain on the field can now be used online to win real cash. Although there are games where you can earn tokens that can not be converted into cash, there are many games that convert rewards into real money. But remember, winning cash on games like fantasy cricket and fantasy football is not as easy as it sounds. It needs patience, agility, dexterity, and presence of mind. Yet, with practice and consistency, anything is possible and fantasy cricket and fantasy football are no different. Let’s have a look at a few ways that can make it possible.

  • Live Streaming: It is one of the most successful ways of winning a good amount. If you are confident that your gaming and communication skills are good enough that people would find it interesting to watch you play, you can try live streaming. Anyone can stream their game globally and if you’re confident that people would be interested to watch you play and comment; you can garner a decent viewership out of it as well. There is no way you can’t monetize that attention. Platforms like Youtube and Twitch are popular because of the live streaming format.
  • Win gaming tournaments and earn sponsorships: In live streaming, you might need to do commentary, or interact with other games to make your videos interesting. But here, all you need to do is create a team. There are gaming apps available that allow you to play fantasy cricket, football, chess, car racing, and win real cash by winning tournaments. You will also start getting sponsorships once you rank high on the charts
  • Games Journalism: Launch your websites or write reviews, hacks, interviews on games for existing games. You can freelance for others or monetize the traffic that you get on your site. Game enthusiasts generally refer to journals before trying out new games like cricket fantasy. This can get a good deal of attention to your work.
  • Video Games Tutorial: They say a true gaming enthusiast always wants to help others to improve their skills. We mean tutorial videos where you can talk about the games, their tools utilization, hacks, tips & tricks. You can make money by writing such guides, uploading videos on your website, or streaming it on other platforms. Once you have made a strong viewer base, monetize your traffic with ads, and voila you’ve become a professional gamer already!
  • Gaming Podcast: Podcasts are one of the fastest-growing communication mediums around the world. Consider this if you have good communication skills. You can also host gaming podcasts and share your ideas and opinions with the world. Games like car racing, fantasy football, and fantasy cricket are very famous these days. You can also break the podcast into micro-content and upload it on other platforms (like Instagram, Snapchat, and more) to attract traffic.

These are just a few creative ways to earn money through gaming. In this digital era, you can find ways to earn online well out of almost any interest. So, stay tuned for more tips and guides.